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A magical series of fun, fact-filled books, plush toys and accessories that cultivate curiosity, a love of learning and a desire in young children to care for the environment.
Created by Sue Trew

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We all love the wonderful illustrations in these books. They are a brilliant way to bring conservation and the environment into focus for children in a way that should inspire them to appreciate the wonders of the world around them.

Angie Teversham | Grandmother

My class of primary school children have learnt so much from this series of exceptional books. The fabulous illustrations and beautiful toys help to bring the stories to life. We have the whole collection!!

Karen McGuire | Teacher

I am thrilled to see such interesting and informative children's books and toys that are accurate in every detail and bring attention to important environmental issues.

Professor Hazel Oxenford, PhD | University Lecturer and Researcher

These beautifully illustrated books have proved to be a wonderful connection for our English Grandchildren to our lives in Barbados. The cuddly toys bring the characters to life, and they all have a favourite. I used the books and toys during Lockdown Zoom sessions with my grandchildren as part of their home-schooling programme.

Judy Jones | Grandmother

Not only are the plush animals absolutely adorable, but very well made and a great price point. We get a lot of customers that will buy the book and then come back and purchase the plush animals that go with that book, because the kids love the stories so much they insist on having the complete set.

Charlotte Johnson-Hunter | Store Owner

My boys and I absolutely love these books! The stories keep them engaged and they love all the facts that are included. There are super cute stuffed animals to match the book characters as well. My youngest son has been sleeping with his manatee since he got it. Awesome for story time and they make great presents!

Rachel de Caires-Harris | Mother

The Turtle Tracks products have been a huge hit with our customers young and old! The books have a great educational message ... and the adorable plush that go with the books are loved by all! New products come out often so customers can keep coming back to add to their collection! I highly recommend these products for coastal stores - it makes for a very eye catching display your customers won't miss!

Avery Smith | Store Owner

From our family to your family